Why Choose Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Modules For Motorhomes?

Using solar on motorhomes is hardly a new concept, in fact a high percentage of the campervans and other recreational vehicles you see on the roads today will have at least some of their required energy provided by solar products.

The most popular way of using solar for motorhomes is by applying panels permanently to the vehicle itself and using a conversion kit for transforming the sun’s rays into energy. You can also acquire freestanding panels which can be used when the vehicle is static and then folded into a portable unit before setting off again.

In terms of the solar products which are applied direct to the vehicle itself, you have three options, which are flexible monocrystalline panels, polycrystalline panels and thin-film panels.

Monocrystalline panels are the best option for motorhomes, and we look at the specific benefits of these modules further down in the article, but regardless of which type of solar product is applied to the vehicle it will provide the following benefits:

Charges Battery For Free

That’s right, through the power of the sun, solar panels will charge your motorhome battery for at no cost at all, and even work on cloudy days.

Environmentally Friendly

Any time you use green energy as an alternative to fossil fuels it means you are having a positive impact on the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.

Gives You Freedom To Go Off-Grid

Many designated sites will have electrical charging points but with solar this is not a requirement as the power of the sun will do this for you. This means you can park anywhere and still have a source of energy for your motorhome.  

Low Maintenance

Once your solar panels and kit have been setup there is not really much else you have to worry about apart from routine cleaning once in a while.

So, that’s the general benefits of solar for motorhomes covered but looking specifically at flexible monocrystalline panels, what advantages do these solar panels have over the other products on the market?

Flex Design Can Cover Any Roof

Motorhomes are available in all shapes and sizes with many having curved roofs. Application therefore might be tricky, or even impossible, with alternative solar products but with flexible modules these can be fitted onto almost any surface and act as a type of solar skin.

You Require Fewer Modules for the Same Energy Output

Monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient option available which means you require fewer modules to provide the same output as alternative products. Products like the Flex Solar Module have pre-graded cells for maximum output. They are ideal if you only have a limited amount of space on your motorhome roof.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Monocrystalline panels can last up to 30 years. These lightweight and durable panels are therefore a long-lasting option which will save on running costs and continue to provide a clean, green source of energy for many years to come. They also have a strong mounting solution, are anti-slip and anti-reflective and have fire and smoke retardant properties.

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