Our Contribution to a Better Future For All

Solar Capture Technologies (SCT) have a strong commitment to delivering accessible renewable energy to all, however, beyond this core competency the company acknowledges the potential it has for generating broader positive change.

SCT therefore recognise and align their practices with wide reaching notions of sustainability, including several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A Closer Look at the Goals that Resonate Deeply at Solar Capture

Goal 7 

SCT are well equipped in delivering the key message behind this goal. Manufacturing Solar PV modules and solutions from their PV Technology Centre in the UK provides access to a reliable, high quality form of renewable energy, with a MW manufacturing capacity.

Goal 8

As a modern company SCT have implemented strong, inclusive, transparent and fair practices and working conditions. The company are an established yet growing employer in what is a high unemployment area in the North East of England and are a proud gold award holder of the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.

Goal 9

Collaborating closely with industry partners SCT are working towards a future where resilient and sustainable industrialisation is powered by reliable renewable energy. Ambitious Net Zero emission targets have been set across a range of industries and SCT are committed to assisting in their achievement.

Goal 11

Innovative solar solutions are an integral part of sustainable urban development and SCT strive to meet the complex and ever-changing requirements of modern society by integrating their solar solutions into the fabric of everyday life, whether this be in the form of an integrated solar roof or solar powered electric vehicle.

Goal 12

SCT strive to be responsible in their consumption and production practices, including a zero waste policy in manufacturing and high standards regarding cost-effectiveness. They also aim to make it easy for customers and partners to do the same, ensuring products are rigorously tested and made to last whilst increasing recyclability via material selection and use.

Goal 13

Whilst globally we are currently not on track to meet recognised climate targets, the resources we need to mitigate climate impacts are readily available to us today, including solar PV for green energy production. SCT in recent years have invested in the growth of their manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand and increase the amount of carbon they are able to offset. Manufacturing solar in the UK compared to countries where fossil fuels play a larger role in the energy mix reduces the carbon intensity of solar module production. SCT are able to further lower this intensity via the use of renewable energy to satisfy a portion of their own energy demand.

Read more about the role of Solar PV in global energy production in the following report: Special Report on Solar PV Global Supply Chains (windows.net)

More information on the UN SDGs can be found here: THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (un.org)