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We want to empower generations to use clean and renewable solar power solutions, creating a sustainable future for both people and planet. With our revolutionary products, developed through the latest cutting-edge technology at our UK mega-plant, we ensure solar energy is accessible to everyone. We also work with organisations, on a consultancy basis, to enable an effective integration of our solar products within a range of projects.

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Solar Capture Technologies

Solar Capture have over 38 years of research and experience in the field of solar. SCT are world leaders in solar & renewable energy solutions. We provide solutions to a number of industry sectors. These include automotive and offshore. Agriculture and smart cities. And also many other markets. We understand that people think solar is limited to only sunny locations. But this is not the case. Even low light levels areas are able to generate significant power from solar modules.

At Solar Capture we design and manufacture complete solar power systems. These solutions work specifically to your requirements. You can be assured to receive the best solar product available because of this.


Solar is at the heart of what we do. We believe it plays a very important role in future of renewable energy sources. This is because of its versatility and accessibility. Solar power can be implement to a number of applications. SC provides solar solutions to a variety of industry sectors. These range from environmental monitoring to highways and traffic management. Solar power products and solar power systems enable users to convert energy from the sun. This is converted into a usable means of power. Our solar products and solutions combine our extensive knowledge. But this is over 38 years of industry experience. And because of this, we can ensure you receive the most suited solar solution to your requirements. Because and so this because and so this

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Get in-depth information on our products, services and company operations

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