Photovoltaics Research & Development

Alongside photovoltaic cell and module manufacturing, Solar Capture Technologies has a globally renowned research team working on both UK, EU and privately funded projects. With qualifications up to PhD level, our team has a wide range of experience in cell, module and specialist photovoltaic systems development.

Our facilities house a production line for high efficiency Laser Grooved Buried Contact (LGBC) solar cell processing as well as characterisation laboratories for the testing and evaluation of silicon wafers and photovoltaic cells.

Our electrochemists at SCT have many years’ experience working with metallisation. We are experts in the low temperature formation of electrical contacts to solar cells by electroless deposition of nickel and copper. As finite material pricing increases, many solar cell manufacturers are looking for alternative metallisation; SCT can assist in metallisation of any silicon based solar cell.

Solar cell production
Silicon nitride and
phosphorus deposition
State of the art cell testing
Wet labs for solar cell chemistry

We have co-ordinated and participated in several DTI/TSB funded collaborative UK projects, as well as several large EU collaborative projects including:

  • 〇 DEFCON
  • 〇 LAB2LINE
  • 〇 ASPIS
  • 〇 20PLUS
  • 〇 WHITE’R
  • 〇 HiLo SILVER and LIMES
Have a project in mind?

We are always interested in new collaborations, as well as offering confidential private R&D for commercial clients. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please contact us via the submission form below, or see our contact page for more information.