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Fully integrated two series string solar module for Metric’s parking meter series. This custom string layout improves urban performance, creating a high power, high efficiency solar solution. These have been deployed by Metric all over the UK.
Backsheet / glass round solar modules in three sizes ranging from 630 - 830mm diameter. These large round modules, with custom stringing layout drop into Reddilights module housing.
Approach by Highways England, we designed a custom PCB module to replace all the original standard glass solar modules in their 10,000 telecoms units. We were able to more than double the power output of the solar module within the same surface space through a bespoke cell configuration.
Parking meter module for the Internet of Things. This PCB / Tedlar module, with a custom textured surface finish was designed specifically for the Taxomex parking unit. Click on the image to view a video of the module.
British manufacturer Haldo approached us to design a complete solar solution for their roadside cabinet posts. A fully integrated custom 10W back sheet / glass with charge controller and battery bank system. Supplied as a complete kit to Haldo.
PME International approached us to manufacturer a collection of fully customised pre-production glass glass modules for a solar palm charging kiosk. These have been implemented across Dubai.
A custom solar solution to replace a 18w module within their existing parking meter hood. Using their hood, we designed a custom bracket mounted module to work across two of their parking meter options. The bracket allowed Flowbird to eliminate 4 parts of their previous hood assembly, creating significant cost savings. The maximised area resulted in a 23w solar module, providing energy for advanced features.
Working with TMP on a number of their roadside and lighting products, we developed the custom solar module to power their Apollo star sign light. This Aluminium / Tedlar post mounted configuration provides a high power, lightweight module that has minimal loading on the post.
A custom bent solar module with integrated day / night detection for the illumination of the EVO-S keep left bollard. This custom substrate allowed the solar module to integrate directly into their current bollard profile.
A custom Aluminium / Tedlar solar module solution to support the power consumption of Envirowatch’s air and noise monitoring device. After the success of this version we have worked with Envirowatch to develop a new custom module with power and efficiency upgrades.
  • Metric
  • Reddilight
  • Highways England SOS Telecom
  • Ringele
  • Haldo
  • Solar Energy Palm
  • Flowbird
  • TMP Apollo
  • Envirowatch E-MOTE
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