SEH Charger

Solar Capture at the National Trust


Solar Capture have delivered their new Solar Charging Station to the National Trust’s Cragside House in Northumberland.

Solar Capture have recently rolled out their own line of products, including a Solar Charging bench, a Solar Charging Station and a Solar remote power hub.  This new range of products designed to meet the demands of Street Furniture and Landscape architects allow customers to easily integrate solar power into their sites.

The SEH Charge is a Solar Charging Station that can be installed into existing environments and enables users to charge their phones, or boost public wi-fi in areas with poor phone signal.  It can be mounted onto an existing piece of street furniture such as a picnic bench, or can be supplied with a stand to enable it to be free-standing in any environment.

Gavin Sanderson, Managing Director at Solar Capture, explained; “With 97% of Northumberland considered rural, the introduction of a Solar Charging Station and wi-fi boosting installations could be a huge benefit to local visitors and communities. Our range of benches, remote charging stations and power hubs give Local Authorities, Park Managers, Campus Managers and Town Planners a simple off the shelf solution to contribute to their low carbon strategies as well as improving their visitor experiences.”

If you are interested in purchasing one of our products, please contact us using the following we welcome your enquiry

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Lewis Caseley, Commercial Manager at Solar Capture delivers the Solar Charging Station to Paul Hawkins, Operations Manager at the National Trust.