Victron Energy Products

For a complete solar solution, buy Victron Energy accessories alongside our products. From charging devices to energy conversion units, get in touch with Solar Capture to discover what you need to get you up and running. These solutions are great for the following purposes:

Charge & Convert




Professional Vehicles

We know how important it is to have effective on-board power systems for professional vehicles.
With robust automotive technology from Victron Energy, paired with our high performance products, you will have a reliable and up-to-date solar energy solution for:
– Service vans
– Ambulances
– Cooled delivery vans
– Trucks


Have a reliable source of power on all your journeys out on the water with Victron Energy products.
Whether it’s a short fishing trip or you’re sailing around the world, the combination of Victron Energy products and our solar leisure panels will provide a state-of-the-art solution for:
– Small boats
– Motor cruisers
– Sailing yachts
– Large yachts

Backup and Off-Grid

If you’re looking for backup and off-grid solutions, then you have arrived at the right place. Using our revolutionary solar products with Victron energy accessories, will provide a system to meet any challenge, including:
– Residential backup and home energy storage
– Small off-grid clinics and hospitals
– Off-grid eco-farming
– Off-grid luxury lodges

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