UK solar PV manufacturing: The importance and the benefits

As the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world, it may come as a surprise that the UK does not have a greater capacity for Solar PV manufacturing, however, competition from cheap solar imports and high barriers to entry have deterred new entrants into the industry and forced other manufacturers to close. Solar Capture Technologies is one of very few genuine manufacturers of solar PV in the UK, and have the largest manufacturing facility in England, that is continuing to grow.

As the long term impacts of COVID-19 continue to effect global manufacturing the importance of UK manufacturing does continues to increase. Below are some of the key benefits Solar Capture associate with being a UK manufacturer:

Bespoke, High-Quality Service

For decades Solar Capture have been developing, tailoring and refining bespoke solar solutions to the specific needs of the end user. It is often the case that a standard solar product is not the optimal solution and therefore the ability to make solar to meet a specific end use results in higher value added for each solar product and a closer relationship with customers.

Quick delivery and turnaround

Making UK solar for UK clients significantly reduced the distance and time it takes from production to delivery, and with shorter delivery distances when compared to solar imports this significantly reduces the chances of the products getting damaged in transit.

Reduced environmental footprint

The most obvious environmental saving is associated with the reduced delivery milage, as a lower time spent in transit reduces the amount of CO2 each product requires to be delivered when compared to imported goods. However, at Solar Capture there are more environmental benefits on offer than just the delivery. The use of renewable power to subsidise the energy required to manufacture solar reduces the carbon footprint of each product Solar Capture makes. Additionally, a focus on the top of the waste hierarchy, and the avoidance of waste, both in the manufacturing process as well as by making products to last comes with added environmental benefits.


With an emphasis on providing an unrivalled customer service Solar Capture place great importance on transparency, and whilst providing bespoke solutions to meet clients needs goes a long way towards achieving this, Solar Capture go the extra mile and encourage clients to come to their facility to see production first hand.

Supporting the local economy

Solar Capture pride themselves on their ethical business practice and aim to benefit the local community as much as they can. The company have a strong policy for employing and nurturing apprentices through their training and career development and aim to reduce unemployment in their local area as the company grows. Furthermore, as far as possible Solar Capture keep their suppliers local helping to support local business, whilst also ensuring reliable supply of materials so that they can guarantee their products are made and delivered on time with the shortest lead time possible.

If you would like to find out more about Solar Capture please get in touch.