Quality Assurance
& Testing

At Solar Capture, our key focus is to deliver outstanding UK made solar products with 100% customer satisfaction. From our standard modules, to fully custom solutions, our knowledge, experience and facilities allows us to guarantee you the highest performance solar products available.


ISO 9001-2015 Certified

Testing in accordance to IEC 61215


Ocean Certification ISO

Testing Facilities

UV Exposure Tests are used to examine products / components under solar radiation conditions. Carried out in a controlled environment, this simulation using ultraviolet light radiation allows us to simulate module performance over varied exposure times – from months to years.

Our accelerated lifetime testing chamber allows us to simulate various conditions to ensure our modules perform in the harshest of conditions. We are able to understand the influence of temperature, exposure, humidity and weathering on a module to be able to design accordingly to the product requirements.

All of our modules are tested with Electroluminescence (EL) imaging to ensure cells are clear from micro crack, debris and soldering defects. These invisible to the eye defects can have substantial consequences on the module performance. Each and every module we produce is EL tested to ensure you are receiving the best solar module available.

With a full suite of equipment for solar cell and module metrology we can perform detailed analysis of semiconductor structures for solar cells this includes:

  • Semilab WT-2000 (uPCD, LBIC, SHR)
  • SunsVoc-150 (Metallisation process control, Implied IV, pFF, p-ETA, shunt resistance)
  • WCT120 ((diffusion process control, wafer quality, metal contamination, surface passivation, shunt resistance)
  • High Precision mass and thickness measurement
  • HP Semiconductor Analyser  (Sheet, line and contact resistance)
  • CMI900 XRF (Coating thickness and composition)
  • Spectrophotometry and Ellipsometry (Reflectance, Refractive index and film thickness)
  • Soxhlet Extraction (Encapsulant testing inline with ASTM D-2765)
The electrical performance of all our solar cells and modules are tested using AAA class solar simulators at Standard test conditions (STC) 25deg/c, 1000w/m2, AM1.5. With positive manufacturing tolerances 0%/+5% you can rest assured the power you require is being supplied. Alternative testing can be carried out upon request such as low irradiance for guaranteed power in low light or AM1 for high altitude operation.
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