Supporting Armed Forces: Solar Capture Technologies Achieves Gold Award 2022

As an organisation which proudly supports our armed forces, we were delighted to achieve the Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award 2022.

The scheme recognises employer organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and the armed forces community.

Encompassing bronze, silver and gold awards, the scheme was set-up to primarily recognise private sector organisations although public sector organisations including local authorities and emergency services are also recognised.

This year, Solar Capture Technologies were one of the 156 organisations adjudged to have met the required standard to achieve the gold award.

To achieve the gold award, Solar Capture Technologies have met the following criteria:

  • Signed the Armed Forces Covenant.
  • Maintained an ongoing relationship with National Account Manager/Reed/appropriate defence representative.
  • Demonstrated existing support by holding a valid ERS silver award.
  • Proactively demonstrated forces-friendly credentials as part of our recruitment and selection processes, including engagement with Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and registration with the Forces Family Jobs (FFJ) portal.
  • Actively ensured that our workforce is aware of our positive policies towards defence people issues.
  • Acted as an exemplar within the market sector, advocating support to defence people issues to partner organisations, suppliers and customers with tangible positive results.
  • Within the context of reserves, demonstrated support to mobilisations or have framework in place. At least 10 days’ additional leave for training, fully paid, to the reservist employee.
  • Have not been subjected to any negative public relations or media activity.

Solar Capture Technologies’ Commercial Director, Lewis Caseley said: “It is an honour and a privilege to have received this award. We have a great team here at Solar Capture Technologies with high growth ambitions in the coming years.

“The armed forces covenant can play a big part in this development, and we look forward to growing this collaboration.” 

We continue to support our armed forces and recently attended a job fair at Durham Cricket Ground for cadets, veterans, reserves and employers.