Solar Capture’s route to automation

Solar Capture have invested heavily in a factory expansion at their Blyth facility in efforts to scale up production capacity and satisfy the growing demand for mass production.  

Building on a history of ground-breaking records in solar cell efficiency and a positive reputation as a successful R&D body, Solar Capture started on its journey to becoming a commercial entity some 7 years ago. In the time from then till now the company has enjoyed large success suppling OEM customers, using its core scientific knowledge of solar PV to develop high quality solar solutions.  

The most obvious next step for the expanding business was the investment in automation, allowing Solar Capture to provide its in-depth knowledge of solar and disruptive technology on a wider scale. With growing interest in large order quantities and Solar Capture developing innovative solar solutions that once automated could provide widespread clean energy benefits, Solar Capture took the decision to invest £1.5 million in machinery and the production line process. 

Lewis Caseley, Commercial Manager at Solar Capture, stated; The ability to manufacture our high-quality modules at high volume opens many doors across multiple industries. The future for Solar Capture is looking very exciting building on our extensive technical knowledge has been a great foundation to get to the position that we are in today. As a Uk manufacturer of solar, our goal is to make this green technology accessible to the many, introducing a clean energy source to new industries. This solar is manufactured in the UK, to be used in the UK, creating UK jobs at the same time as making net zero targets achievable. 

This investment opens the door to relationships with new clients and will enable Solar Capture to increase output 10-fold. The factory and production line configuration is also one that makes further expansion much easier on a modular basis, with each piece of machinery or tooling increasing output.   

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