Solar Capture Technologies Launches Revolutionary Flex Solar Module Range

The Northumberland-based company says the product will make solar energy more accessible to individuals and businesses

Flex Solar Modules provide off-grid solar solutions for commercial and domestic applications

Developed and manufactured with cutting-edge technology at state-of-the-art UK solar mega-plant

High-performance, lightweight solar modules harness the power of the sun to reduce fuel consumption and CO2

A fully integrated system for commercial vehicle fleets, signage, motor homes, caravans, boats and outbuildings

Making solar energy accessible to everyone is what has driven the entire development and manufacturing process of these Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panels (Flex Solar Modules).

The result is a fully integrated solar solution with high performance modules which convert the power of the sun into energy via charging and conversion units.

Enabling you to go entirely off-grid, these Flex Solar Modules reduce carbon emissions and can be applied to a range of automotive vehicles, boats and buildings.

Commercial Director of Solar Capture Technologies, Lewis Caseley, said: “The flex module range is extremely lightweight and can act as a second skin to clad almost any surface to generate energy.

“We use the highest quality aerospace materials to ensure strength and fire protection with the highest possible electrical performance.”

Producing a solar module which benefits organisations and individuals within a range of industries was a key objective for Solar Capture Technologies.

Leisure is one sector which could benefit from Flex Solar Modules as these products can be used on motor homes, caravans and boats.

Lewis said: “People want reliability, high quality and high efficiency, that is exactly what this product range has to offer.”

For organisations, including those with large vehicle fleets, there are obvious cost saving and environmental reasons to choose the Flex Solar Module.

“There are so many benefits from CO2 reductions to fuel cost savings for vehicle fleets, this product can work with commercial organisations or one-off installations.” Said Lewis.

The modules have gone through a rigorous testing process and have passed with flying colours. As part of the testing, they were placed in an environmental chamber for the equivalent of over 100 years with no degradation.

Lewis said: “The development of this product has been very successful and has been ongoing for several years since designing the body panels for the Sono motors Sion vehicle.

“There is a lot of work that goes into each module including individual cell testing to ensure each cell performs to the highest efficiency.”

He continued: “The module performance has exceeded all expectations including durability with potential market applications from aerospace to automotive and marine.”

Other features of the Flex Solar Module include pre-graded cells for maximum power output. The product also has an anti-slip and anti-reflective coating. You can discover more about Flex Solar Modules here.

Solar Capture Technologies supplies all you need for a fully integrated Flex Solar Module system with Victron Energy charging and conversion units. If you are interested in pre-ordering Flex Solar Modules, get in touch here.