Solar Capture proud to support veterans Atlantic row

Veterans Race across the Atlantic for a great cause using Solar Capture Technologies high quality bespoke modules

Solar Capture Technologies are delighted to be sponsoring Veterans at Ease as they tackle the formidable row across the Atlantic for a great cause. A four man team made up of veterans Garreth Murell, Jason Watkin, Steven Lees and Chris Harvey will set off on this arduous 41+ day journey to raise awareness for Veterans at Ease, a charity close to home giving all veterans access to the support they deserve returning back to civilian life. Steven Lees will be attempting two world records, the first blind person to row the Atlantic and the fastest blind person to row the Atlantic.

Solar Capture Technologies are custom designing and manufacturing lightweight durable solar systems at their facility in Blyth, Northumberland that will be used to power vital onboard equipment such as water filtration and navigation devices.