MP Describes Solar Capture Technologies As “World Class”

Following a recent visit to our solar mega-plant in Northumberland, Ian Levy MP spoke in glowing terms about our state-of-the-art facilities: “It always amazes me that we have these world class businesses in renewable energy right on our doorstep.”

The MP for Blyth Valley was shown around our mega-plant, which is the most advanced of its kind in the UK and is powered entirely from renewables, including 35KW of this energy created by our solar wall.

Ian said: “They have invested heavily in new machinery and are gearing up for rapid expansion and bringing lots of well-paid new jobs to the heart of Blyth.”

We took the opportunity to showcase and discuss our newest product, the Flex Solar Module, with Ian commenting: “They have very clear plans to move into very specialised & innovative solar products for vehicles and buildings.”

The Flex Solar Module (pictured above) is a high-grade monocrystalline PV (photovoltaic) panel which provides off-grid solutions through a fully integrated system when connected to charging and conversion units.

Its light and durable design and aerospace back-sheet enables the Flex Solar Modules to be applied as a type of ‘solar skin’ onto cars, vans, campervans, boats and buildings.