Heatwave UK: Why The Time For A Solar Revolution Is Now

Soaring temperatures, which have reached unprecedented UK levels during this current heatwave, have provoked much debate about how to best tackle the challenges our country and planet faces.

Compounded by rising energy prices, amid a cost-of-living crisis, a move away from fossil fuels to solar energy not only appears to be an obvious choice but an essential one.

New plans were made public in April by the government’s British Energy Security Strategy which signalled a step in the right direction for UK Solar.

Within these plans, the government announced that it would be relaxing planning permission laws to make solar more accessible to both individuals and businesses. As a result of the changes in these laws, ministers are hoping that solar use will increase five-fold over the next decade.

Ross Driver, director of the Foresight Solar Fund which invests in solar projects in the UK, Australia and Spain, said:

“We see a large opportunity for a new phase of growth here in UK solar.”

“I think with the right policy framework, we can expect quite a boom in deployment of solar and far greater than we’ve seen to date.”

Solar currently only accounts for a relatively small percentage of Britain’s electricity output, with 4.2% in comparison to 20% from wind.

Along with the plans announced in April, the removal of VAT for installations of solar panels on residential properties, which came into place in March, is also predicted to accelerate the growth of Solar in the UK.

Innovations in technology have seen a demand for solar increase within other sectors too, not just housing, with industries like automotive and leisure set to benefit from the latest cutting-edge solar products.

One of these products is the Flex Solar Module, which we have developed and manufactured at our UK mega-plant.

These high-performance panels have pre-graded cells for maximum output. The lightweight and durable design means they can be used on van roofs, motorhomes, caravans and boats.

When paired with compatible charging and conversion products, these ultra-low-profile modules offer a fully integrated solar solution.

Other features include an aerospace grade backsheet, anti-slip and anti-reflective coating, fire and smoke retardant properties, a guarantee of no hot spots and simple and strong mounting.

Our aim is to always put people and planet first and through these Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panels we believe we have created a viable solution for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Flex Solar Modules from Solar Capture Technologies will be available for distribution in early autumn 2022. To discover more about this product or to pre-order, please get in touch.