Driving Change in Solar Integration

This fully integrated solar powered vehicle is the latest innovation to come out of Solar Captures Northeast manufacturing facility.

Utilising the companies revolutionary flex solar technology and bespoke manufacturing capability, Solar Capture have integrated a complete solar system inclusive of high-performance solar modules and Victron charge control system into the body work of this Electric Vehicle harnessing the suns energy and a multitude of benefits.

The problem

The modern fleet vehicle faces an increasing number of auxiliary services and often the vehicle engine and batteries are not optimised to provide power for this. As a result, battery lifespan is shortened and excess emissions are produced from increased vehicle idling time to satisfy power deficits.

The solution

Adding solar to a vehicle helps to reduce battery replacement; reduced vehicle downtime; saves on emissions by shortening vehicle idling time and increases battery life. Whilst providing all these benefits Solar Capture’s fully integrated solution goes the extra mile. The revolutionary flex modules are designed and manufactured bespoke in the UK to meet the specific requirements of the end user whilst maximising performance via whole system optimisation and space utilisation.

Lewis Caseley, Commercial Director, commented: “Solar Capture have been working in the automotive sector for several years developing the Sono motors Sion vehicle and have used their experience to create this product range. Perfect for commercial and leisure vehicles to power ancillary equipment using the suns energy, with significant financial and carbon savings to be made.”

He continued: “These modules have been tested to the highest level under the harshest weather conditions with no reduction in performance.”

These modules are extremely lightweight, therefore not adding to fuel costs; highly durable and as a result of material selection, self-cleaning, reducing the need for maintenance.

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