Cost Of Energy Crisis Sparks Huge Growth In UK Solar

The UK is experiencing the fastest growth of solar energy deployment it has ever seen as a result of the cost of energy crisis, according to the trade association Solar Energy UK.

With the energy price cap set to rise to around £3,000 in October, many people have turned to solar in an attempt to reduce their monthly bills.

There was a seven-year high on rooftop solar installation in the first six months of 2022. In fact, the first half of this year saw more solar panels fitted onto rooftops in the UK than in the whole of 2021.

Solar Energy UK have suggested that households could save as much as £600 from their annual electricity bills by having rooftop solar panels installed.  

CEO of Solar Energy UK, Chris Hewitt, is certain of what’s been the catalyst for the increase in demand for solar: “It’s driven by the energy price crisis.

“You see your bills double, and suddenly the attractiveness of putting solar on is obviously much stronger.”

The average price for a solar panel system to be installed on a domestic property in the UK is £6,000 but with energy costs soaring, homeowners are seeing this investment pay for itself at a much quicker rate than ever before.

Although residential installations lead the way, there was also an increase in demand when it came to commercial and ground-mounted solar products too.

Innovative UK-made solar products, which can be used for a range of applications, will be key to meeting this increase in demand.

One of these products is our high-performance Flex Solar Module which appeals to both organisations and individuals on the lookout for an integrated system.

The Flex Solar Module range is a cutting-edge solution to rising energy prices and will also reduce carbon emissions.

It can be used, off-grid, on commercial vehicle fleets, motor homes, caravans, boats and outbuildings.

Research for the figures used in this article was carried out by Solar Media Ltd