Solar Cells

High precision solar cell cutting

Using our two high accuracy 1064 nanometre scribe lasers, we can cut a variety of solar cells to any specified shape and size within wafer dimensions. Accurate solar cell cutting allows us to achieve the required voltage output of each module, which means you achieve the most efficient results. Rather than compromising for standard cell options, our technical team would be very happy to advise on an optimal solution for your requirements.

Photovoltaic Cell Options

  • 〇 Monocrystalline
  • 〇 Polycrystalline
  • 〇 PERC
  • 〇 Coloured cells
  • 〇 Metal wrap through MWT
  • 〇 MWT cells
  • 〇 Bi-facial cells
  • 〇 5” and 6” cell cutting
  • 〇 2, 3, 4 and 5 busbar cells

Solar cells can be cut to any shape or size within the following parameters:

Max dims 156.75mm x 156.75mm
Min dims 10mm x 10mm

Photovoltaic cells, manufactured to your requirements

World class solar cell production

Our state of art facilities house a full production line for high efficiency solar cell processing. To understand more, follow the link below.

Looking for a certified
solar manufacturer?
Looking for a certified solar manufacturer?

With variable options for world class solar cell manufacturing, as well as custom solar cell cutting and configurations, our technical team would be very happy to advise on your project opportunities.

You can contact via the submission form, or for further contact details please click here.