Traffic at night

Solar Capture Technologies design, develop and manufacture standalone remote solar power systems for a wide variety of applications.

Solar Capture Technologies have been powering the traffic industry through solar for over 10 years. Where a standalone supply is preferred, or access to the grid is impractical or prohibitively expensive, solar power is a viable alternative. Integrating solar into a product such as a solar bollard can reduce installation cost and subsequent maintenance costs of a comparable mains connected device, therefore reducing the overall lifetime cost of the product.

Solar powered devices in the traffic industry are tried and tested. Applications include solar bollards, illuminated signage, emergency roadside telephone (ERT’s), traffic detection devices, traffic monitoring devices, pollution monitoring and parking management. With the emergence of Smart Cities and the IoT, the demand for remote power is on the rise and solar can offer a cost efficient, sustainable power option.

Solar Capture Technologies have supplied over 35,000 modules(panels) for solar bollards and over 20,000 solar modules for Emergency Roadside Telephones (ERT’s).
– Steve Caseley, CEO

We provide our customers with solar expertise from the product development phase to allow for fully optimised and integrated solutions. Solar modules and panels can also be designed and manufactured to meet an existing product footprint and specific power demands. All of our products are custom designed and built to customer specific requirements. Our world class facilities and highly experienced staff enable us to quickly transition from prototypes to volume manufacturing. All of this is done at our UK based manufacturing facility in Blyth, Northumberland.

If you’d like to discuss your solar requirements please find our contact information on our Contact Us page.