Solar Modules

Solar Modules

Solar Capture Technologies work to customer specifications to design and manufacture custom solar modules or solar panels as they are sometimes referred to. Providing customers with a solar power system up to 80 watts, to provide standalone power or to supplement a mains power supply.

All of our solar modules are custom designed and built to customer specific requirements, giving you the freedom to fit a solar solution to your design.

With a range of materials, options for integrated holes and a framed or frameless design, we can find the right solution for your product.

Previously we have supplied custom designed solar modules for applications such as:

  • Emergency Roadside Telephones (ERT)
  • Traffic bollards
  • Parking ticket machines
  • Aids to Navigation Systems (AToNS)
  • Runway landing lights

    custom designed solar modules


    custom designed solar


    Solar Capture Technologies carries out all of the module manufacturing activities in house and are proud to support the Made in Britain campaign.

    Our capabilities include:

  • Cell tabbing and stringing
  • Electrical string testing with flash simulator
  • Lamination (with a range of materials)
  • Module electrical testing
  • Accelerated lifetime testing (light soaking, humidity freeze, thermal cycling)
    custom designed solar modules

    Custom Solar Design

    There are numerous options available when specifying custom solar modules including:

  • Custom shaped modules to fit a product,
  • Specified sized modules to fit a product,
  • Glass fronted modules,
  • Option of low-iron toughened glass or high performance ETFE cover material,
  • Textured front modules,
  • Maximised cell area to optimise power output,
  • Framed or frameless modules,
  • Electrical outputs to meet product demands,
  • A choice of backing substrates including tedlar and anodised aluminium,
  • A choice of industry standard electrical connectors,
  • Bends and holes to suit end product.

    How can we help?

    Solar Capture Technologies can manufacture a solar module or panel to meet your specifications and volume requirements.

    We understand solar and its strengths and limitations, plan ahead and involve us at the beginning of your product development project to have the most effective solution for your product. By involving us from the start, we can work with you to provide a full solution with efficient product integration.

    Call us today on 01670 357733 to discuss your product requirements.

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    Solar Capture Technologies is certified to ISO9001:2008 for the Design and Manufacture of Solar Photovoltaic Modules and Systems.
    All of Solar Capture Technologies solar modules and systems are designed and manufactured in Blyth, UK.