Solar Design and Development


Solar Capture Technologies provide solar design and development of solar modules and systems to provide remote power. Working with customers in a variety of industries we provide remote power solutions when it is impractical or costly to provide mains power. With advances in technology, a properly designed and engineered solar system can offer a viable alternative to mains electricity in almost any application.

With the emergence of Smart Cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) there is a requirement for the powering and connection of independent devices. Our company can truly add value by providing standalone power solutions without the need for grid connection.

By providing customers with solar design development at the product development phase we design fully optimised and integrated solutions. We can also design and manufacture remote power solutions to meet the demands of an existing product. All of our products are custom designed and built to customer specific requirements. We take the product through from the initial concept right through to a manufacture of a final product. Our world class facilities and highly experienced staff enable us to quickly transition from prototypes to volume manufacturing. All of this is done at our UK based manufacturing facility in Blyth, Northumberland.



Solar Capture Technologies provide solar design and development. Our company produce remote power solutions using solar for a diverse range of applications. In a Smart City, SCT can provide power for traffic monitoring systems, environmental or pollution monitoring systems, smart parking systems, water monitoring systems or various other IoT devices not connected to the grid.
SCT work with developers and manufacturers offering solar design and development for power solution concepts based on customer needs. Assessing the scenario, location and power requirements we are able to quickly assess the suitability of a solar powered solution for the new product concept.
As part of SCT’s solar design and development services we are able to check the feasibility of your concept to ensure the power outputs can be met by a solar system. This includes detailed calculations of the power requirements, duty cycle, geographical location, shading and any project specific requirements. The outputs from the model include solar module footprint, weight and configuration, battery size and type, charge control/ interface electronics and predicted system performance.
Drawing from a wide range of engineering disciplines SCT’s use industry standard 3D modelling software to deliver our design and development services. Experience of solar module design and suitability of materials, knowledge of battery integration, expertise in electronic and PCB design, system integration and electrical and mechanical prototyping, SCT can take your product from concept to reality. Prototypes are manufactured in house and can be provided for field testing by the customer.

Prototypes are tested using SCT’s sophisticated test and characterization equipment which includes environmental chamber, light soak, flash tester and load simulator. This allows refinement of products before entering mass production and identification of any possible issues.
SCT operate a tightly controlled design process which follows the requirements of the ISO9001:2008 standard. Full system assembly drawings and detailed manufacturing schedules are created.
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