December 20, 2016

Latest news on SOLAR-ERA.NET funding

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A great article on how the SOLAR-ERA.NET funding is helping to promote innovation in PV across Europe.

This is a really interesting read about SOLAR-ERA.NET funding.  Solar Capture Technologies has delivered projects in previous funding rounds.  It is great to see innovation in Solar PV being encouraged through funding streams such as this.home-slide1


The previous incarnation of the project has successfully provided funding to UK firms Solar Capture Technologies and Johnson Matthey, who have worked with companies in Sweden and Spain to develop toughened glass encapsulant for light weight PV modules.

Speaking earlier this year about the value of the SOLAR-ERA.NET project in fostering collaboration and innovation, Solar Capture Technologies’ production manager Ian Baistow said: “We wouldn’t be able to develop a better glass system for our modules without the project”.

Read the full article here





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