March 17, 2017

Exhibiting at Traffex and Parkex 2017

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Showcasing the Solar Energy Hub at Traffex and Parkex Event


 Parkex and Traffex – Birmingham NEC – 4th-6th April 2017

Introducing the Solar Energy Hub, a self-contained columnar unit that provides remote power. The unit can fit onto a standard post or be fixed to a wall.

The Solar Energy Hub can power traditional technologies such as lights or CCTV monitoring equipment. The Solar Energy Hub is also designed to provide remote power solutions for Smart Cities gadgets and enable the connectivity of the Internet of Things devices.

The Solar Energy Hub system houses the power pack and system electronics in one weatherproof case, and does not require any additional power input. The standard range is typically up to 35W power output but is flexible to meet additional needs.

It requires minimum disruption to existing infrastructure, thus overcoming mains power access restrictions that may be enforced by local authorities. Installation is very straightforward, with minimal time and tools required.

If you would like to find out more about the Solar Energy Hub, either contact us directly or come along and see us on the TMP Stand C31 at Parkex/Traffex from the 4th-6th April 2017, visit their website here. Traffex and Parkex are Europe’s largest dedicated road, traffic, parking and transport events.


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