Environmental Monitoring

environmental monitoring

Solar Capture Technologies can provide solar for your environmental monitoring devices and systems allowing a cheaper and quicker installation whilst reducing carbon emissions.

With increasing pressure on Local Authorities to reduce carbon emissions, environmental monitoring devices are used to collect data on air quality, noise pollution and water level monitoring . Authorities use this data to identify trends, monitor and devise plans to manage conditions and take action when required.

Solar Capture Technologies use solar energy to provide standalone power to environmental monitoring devices. Installation is more cost effective as the need to connect these devices to mains electricity is eliminated.

An example of our success within the environmental monitoring sector can be seen on the Envirowatch case study page. We were approached by Envirowatch, a North East based environmental monitoring company who were seeking solar for their air quality and noise pollution monitoring device “E-MOTE”. Being smaller than a traditional environmental monitoring device, a smaller solar solution was required to fit the top profile of the system. We therefore developed an intricate solar panel which would meet the design specification whilst generating the required amount of solar energy.

We provide our customers with solar expertise from the product development phase to allow for fully optimised and integrated solutions. Solar modules and panels can also be designed and manufactured to meet an existing product footprint and specific power demands. All of our products are custom designed and built to customer specific requirements. Our world class facilities and highly experienced staff enable us to quickly transition from prototypes to volume manufacturing. All of this is done at our UK based manufacturing facility in Blyth, Northumberland.

If you’d like to discuss your solar requirements please find our contact information on our Contact Us page.