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White room based on reconfigurable robotic Island for optoelectronics

  • FP7 3 year project funded by the EU under Factory of the Future Initiative project
  • Project partners: Prima Power, SUPSI, Politecnico di Milano, University of Patras, IRIDA Labs, AntOptima, Synesis, Globotics Industries, FRAMOS Solutions, Prima Electro S.p.A., IRIS, OPI photonics

Project Objectives

  • Develop an integrated modular solution for the assembly and disassembly of high value added optoelectronic products.
    • For SCT this will be an automated tabbing machine for solar cells.
  • Demonstration by 2 different industries where the same white’R island will be reconfigured to be used in two different real industrial environments related to the laser processing (Prima Power) and the solar energy systems (SCT).


  • A detailed reference model has been produced, outlining the components and processes to be managed by the white’R island, designed in way that allows it to evolve over time.
  • Designs for the fixturing system, end effectors and robotic systems have been proposed taking into account the wide range of cell geometries possible.
    • The fixturing system design comprises 3 adjustable bars that can be set to match the cell dimensions.
    • The end effector has interchangeable tips, enhancing the capability to match a large family of products.
    • The robotic arm can be adapted to have varying reaching and degrees of freedom.

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