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Solar Retrofit Kit

Solar retrofit kit for Cale MP-104 ticket machine



Local councils and other parking management services are increasingly looking to convert existing parking ticket machines to solar powered alternatives. Replacing complete ticket machines can be expensive and disruptive, a solar retrofit kit is a cost effective and simple solution enabling existing machines to be upgraded to autonomous solar operation.

Project Scope

The required solar retrofit kit needed a solar panel that would fit the top profile of the popular Cale MP-104 machine and charge a 12V battery. The kit had to be easy to install in order to limit disruption to parking services. The panel would ideally be as discreet as possible to prevent vandalism and theft.

Project Outcomes

The PVK-TFANF-13-A is a complete solar retrofit upgrade kit for the popular Cale MP-104 parking ticket machine. Designed and manufactured in the UK using high quality materials, the kit includes all the parts required to easily upgrade a standard battery powered MP-104 to autonomous solar operation (depending on machine location, shading and the number of daily ticket transactions).

The kit includes a high efficiency, visually discreet solar module, specifically designed to fit the top profile of the Cale MP-104 machine. It also includes an advanced charge controller, a high capacity deep cycle solar battery, corrosion resistant stainless steel mounting brackets and all the required wiring accessories and installation sundries.

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