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Solar panels for illuminated bollard



Traffic Management Products (TMP) approached SCT after encountering problems with their previous supplier of solar panels for their Solalite illuminated bollard, including:

  • Poor consistency between batches
  • Incorrect polarity
  • De-lamination

These problems lead to a failure rate of over 50% resulting in huge costs and inconvenience. SCT completed full failure analysis on the panels and offered an alternative product.

Project Scope

The required solar panel had to be suitable for roadside applications. This included being able to withstand any possible collisions. Due to the height and position of the bollards, the panel also needed to be discreet to prevent vandalism. It was important that the bollard could act as a standalone system so no external power supply was required.

Project Outcomes

The PVM-TFANF-1.5-A is a 1.5W solar panel specifically designed to fit the top profile of the Solalite bollard. The ETFE front sheet offers an alternative to the standard glass that won’t shatter and result in hazardous debris in the event of a collision. Black anodised aluminium and masked silver busbars result in a panel that is discreet and conforms with the bollard design.

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