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Solar panels for device recharging station



D-Idea approached Solar Capture Technologies with their concept for the ‘Smart Palm’, a green, self-sustainable device recharge station and information point with complimentary Wi-Fi access.

The Smart Palm has a touch screen information point and screens that can be used to display information or advertising. It also includes integrated security features including CCTV and an emergency button.

Project Scope

The Smart Palm was designed for use in Dubai as part of the Smart Cities Initiative. The solar panels had to fit the modern design, creating the 9 ‘leaves’ of the ‘Smart Palm’ while providing it with complete power autonomy.

Project Outcomes

A set of 15 solar panels, specifically designed for the Smart Palm were manufactured and installed in systems in Dubai. Full analysis was carried out during the product development stages to ensure the suitability of the solar panel design for the system.

The custom solar panels together with the distinctive design of the palm result in an iconic fusion of easy access to information, accessible Wi-Fi and solar technology.

The Smart Palm incorporates 5 different types of solar panels that are assembled to create the 9 leaves of the palm, resulting in an overall solar area of 11.3m². Using a white backsheet and a frameless design, the solar panels fit seamlessly into the Smart Palm structure without compromising the sleek, modern design. Low iron glass allows high light transmission which, together with the use of high efficiency solar cells, results in an output of 1445Wp.

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