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Solar Modules for a Portable Runway Lights System



Solar Capture Technologies (SCT) were commissioned to design and build a solar module to power a portable runway lights system.

Project Scope

The client required a solar module for an innovative portable runway lights system. The system consisted of a glass fibre base unit, light beacon, 12 volt battery and solar module. The units have the advantage of being designed to be stackable and as they are portable, can be used on licensed and unlicensed airfields. The base units can be left in place to act as runway markers as well as keeping the battery charged so they are ready for immediate response as required.

The units have 2 modes of operation: 1) Operating an ON/OFF button from the control tower or club house 2) By text from a mobile phone to a G.S.M. which has an in-built timer.

The solar modules produce in excess of 23 volts in daylight hours and are effective even on a heavily overcast day.

The modules were manufactured by SCT using high efficiency mono-crystalline silicon solar cells mounted on an anodized aluminium back sheet. The size and shape of the modules were designed to customer specification to ensure it fit with the overall design of their system.

High performance Teflon was selected as a cover material for the modules as it has better light transmittance than solar glass and allows a thinner, more durable module to be fabricated.

Project Outcomes

Following 3 years development the ‘Merlin’ portable runway lights system is now complete and ready for launch.

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