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Solar panels for illuminated bollard



Traffic Management Products (TMP) EVO-S illuminated bollard was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation.

Project Scope

The EVO-S bollard required increased power compared to the Solalite while remaining a standalone system with no external power supply. As with all TMP products, it was to be passively safe while environmentally friendly and vandal-proof. The panel was also required to fit seamlessly with the top profile of the bollard.

Project Outcomes

The PVM-TFANF-3-A is a curved 3W panel, specifically designed to fit the shape and size of the EVO-S illuminated bollard. Integrated holes for anti-vandal screws allow secure attachment to the bollard while the ETFE front sheet ensures no hazardous debris is produced upon collision. Black anodised aluminium and masked silver busbars result in a discreet panel, preventing vandalism and fitting with the bollard design.

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