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Emergency Roadside Telephones (ERT)

Solar Modules to Power Emergency Roadside Telephones



Solar Capture Technologies (SCT) were commissioned by the UK Highways Agency, through their supplier Gai-Tronics, to design and produce a solar module to power their Emergency Roadside Telephones (ERT).

Project Scope

The launch of the new Type 354 ERT was the start of a multi-million pound programme to replace the existing ERT across the UK. The new ERT is a high-visibility emergency telephone, which may be configured to meet different installation requirements. It also offers a range of innovative features that greatly improve the clarity and functionality for both the user at the roadside, and for the operator monitoring calls in the Control Office.

The new design included a solar module which was required to have a minimum power output of 1.7W.

The specially designed solar module consisted of 36 cells connected in series on a 240mm x 90mm tedlar back sheet.

The solar modules were manufactured by SCT using high efficiency mono-crystalline silicon solar cells with a polycarbonate front sheet. The high level of efficiency and reliability of the 1.8W solar module will ensure a long term standalone power source for the ERT’s network.

Project Outcomes

Approximately 14,000 Emergency roadside telephones were replaced across England, all powered by the modules designed and manufactured at Solar Capture Technologies.

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Additional images courtesy of GAI-Tronics.

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