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20 percent efficiency on less than 100 µm thick industrially feasible c-Si solar cells


Project Objectives

  • Develop solar cells that are substantially thinner than the typical 180 µm.
  • Compare alternatives to industry standard materials aiming to improve production processes and module lifetime.
  • Produce solar cells with high efficiencies in the range of 20% light conversion rate into power.
  • Optimize processes for transferral to a pilot production line aiming
    at an efficiency of 19.5% on wafers of 100 µm thickness.


Solar Capture Technologies’ achievements

  • Front contacts less than 50 µm (35 µm) wide were produced with gridline resistance of less than 0.3 Ω/cm (0.21 Ω/cm)
  • A robust two-step Ni plating process electroplated with Cu was achieved resulting in line resistance < 0.3 Ω/cm and linewidth ~ 65 µm.
  • A 100µm thick LGBC/LFC solar cell demonstrating increased IQE at longer wavelengths was demonstrated.

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    October 2010 to October 2013